Blu-ray usb burner support on Linux

One think which is really painful on Linux is the support for external hardware like scanners, printers and others USB devices.
I wish there is some kind of central repository, a webpage which collects all devices supported on Linux. Each entry could have information regarding the exact hardware specification, distro and kernel version, software used to handle it and all the useful information. Community ratings and comments on each entry would be very useful and of course an easy search mechanism via search feature or manual search by categories would be extremely beneficial for Linux users.

Until then I have question regarding Blu-ray USB burners.
I would like to buy one to backup my data on an multi layer disc. But I couldn’t find much information which model is supported and works under Linux and what software works best for this purpose.

Can you recommend a Blu-ray USB burner that works under Linux and a software which is capable to burn multi-layer discs ?

You can try to research this…

or this:

These devices do not have official support under Linux. So the question is if they will work at all ?
I do not have money to by an try, I am looking for a devices which are known to be working well under Linux. Best advice would be from someone who actually own and use such a device.
Thanks anyway.

There actually is NO ‘officially supported’ drive for linux that I found… but that is also because with blu-ray, it’s not hardware, its software.

The second one listed I actually own, which is why its on there, and it does work as far as linux seeing it as an optical drive. The other one I suggested (as its newer) because it came from this post on

As I stated, the biggest issue with blu-ray isn’t hardware working, but software working with it… My understanding is that k3b works really well for the burning side of it, and vlc is pretty good about blu-ray playback.

This page from the Arch wiki talks about it some more:

I’m a bit late to the party but just in case anyone else is seeking some info I thought I would add this since I did not need to do anything fancy, this just worked out of the box…

I am running Zorin Linux Core 15.3 (Ubuntu 18.04 based) with 5.4.0-48-generic kernel.
My BD writer is Asus BW-16D1HT internal.
My discs are Verbatim MDISC BDXL 100GB x4 Lifetime Archival.
Using K3b I am able to simply create a data project and drag and drop to write to the disc.
Completed 90GB backup to the disc with no errors.

Good luck