Blocking Ubuntu Advantage Desktop Daemon

I sat down to my desktop today to see that I needed to update my software. I always prefer to do this though the command line and observe what is happening. I was surprised today to see the following in the report:

The following NEW packages will be installed:

hmmm. ubuntu-advantage-desktop-daemon is a greased chute to move me to Ubuntu Pro. I think Ubuntu Pro may very well be a good program but I’m not it’s target audiance. Plus, my mind always runs to telemetry and I start wondering what is being monitored on MY machine. Therefore, I don’t want a daemon running on my machine that I never intend to use. But alas, I will be confronted with this every time I attempt an update. Here is the way to stop the nagging once and for all.

Run this command at the prompt:

sudo apt-mark hold ubuntu-advantage-desktop-daemon

The command reports back:

ubuntu-advantage-desktop-daemon set on hold.

This will place a permant hold on this particular package. Since the current status of this package is “not installed,” it will be “held” at that state and I won’t be nagged about it in the future.

If I ever change my mind on the package, I can always run (notice the “unhold”):

sudo apt-mark unhold ubuntu-advantage-desktop-daemon

Maybe someone else would like to place this package on hold as well. You’re welcome.

If you’ve already installed it and want to return to a place where it won’t be installed in the future, simply:

  1. uninstall that package
  2. place it on hold
  3. experience the joy of an OS where YOU are in charge
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