Blend OS, unsupported Desktops and Distros?

So seems to be a few people playing around with Blend OS.

So my preference for Blend would be to get Budgie installed as my default desktop environment, either by installing it through one of the supported distros: Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu

Or by somehow getting
Fedora to switch to Fedora-Budgie spin
or Ubuntu to switch to Ubuntu-Budgie spin

I could also install Budgie to the base system as Blend is Arch based

Do not think I can get Solus running on Blend OS as Solus is not currently supported.

What would be the cleanest way of Installing Budgie?

I would prefer not to run my Desktop environment within a FlatPak, or Snap.

Not to throw water on your enthusiasm, but have you considered just theming and configuring Plasma to resemble Budgie until Budgie is supported as one of the DE options?

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