Black Friday Sale: HP Goolag Chromebook

For $179, it seems like a good price.

I do wonder if that spyware, Chrome OS, can be easily removed to put on something like Ubuntu?

Anyone got experience with swapping out the OS on those things? Are the locked down like cell phones are?

The one I converted had write protection screws you have to remove. Take it apart, pull the write protection screw, used either curstini/crouton, then I grabbed Kubuntu on a USB and installed like normal (mostly). This should get you started on some basics. I don’t know specifically about that one, and mine isn’t touch screen either. According to this reddit the HP x60 14 is supported as well, so best guess is ‘yes’. Good luck, let us know how it turns out if you do it!

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They sold out faster than I could even grab one

ha, that’s how it goes! Well, good luck. I think you can grab any other and do the same thing. That was a good deal though.