Bitwarden for more than just Web based password protection ? KeepassXC alternative?

Preface : I currently use KeepassXC and have been for many years now. While I like the app, It does not have a native android application that I know of, and due to my current personal situation, I need all my stuff on the go. So Bitwarden does have an android app and fits my requirement of being Open source.

Problem : to reiterate, I have used KeepassXC for a LONG time. So i have more than just web portal logins in my KeepassXC vault. For example : I have MANY .7z files passwords, luks passwords, header and key file data. The notes area of KeepassXC allows for this as you can just type what you want/need there. It does not appear to be the case in Bitwarden though.

My question: how do you use Bitwarden? Do you store more than just web logins there? How do you manage?

I would love to hear from the team more on this since they are a sponsor of the Tux Digital Network and I presume they use it as well. @MichaelTunnell @dasgeek @jill_linuxgirl


I’m not a Bitwarden power user by any means but I do use notes for non web based passwords or critical info (car ident for ex).
There are even title fields you can customise to structure the note. Overall Bitwarden is pretty powerful imho

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It would be really interesting to hear from the group on how they use Bitwarden or other password managers as I am sure there are many situations and scenarios.

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I have installed Bitwarden for Android on Google Pixel 6Pro, Google Pixel 3XL & Asus ZenBook Tablet (running Android 6/7 ?).

  1. Bitwarden does not currently support or is tied to the Bitwarden Flatpak. Rabbit Hole : I joined the forum and did some looking around for the Flatpak thread. Many request have been made over the past 4 yrs pleading to developers to adopt the current project on Flathub. This has fallen on deaf ears and received minimal team response otherwise.

  2. The difficulty with my other keys ( .7z files and system keys etc.) have led me to completely remove them from the .csv/.json file I uploaded to Bitwarden to use on my android devices. Since I have thousands at this point, I used a LLM to help with jq + vim + grep and voila ! I got a pretty .json of all my stuff. (Which I later used shred on to remove it.)

  3. The Android experience has been exactly what I have hoped for. I recently replaced my Glass Screen Protector on the Pixel 6Pro and had to re-register my Fingerprint. Which led to all installed apps asking for a password which Bitwarden did seamlessly. I no longer rememebr passwords for anything. I have too many logins, and keys to do this effectively. KeepassXC led me down this road and the workflow was good until I needed things on the go. No Official Android support for KeepassXC is a issue.

  4. Bitwarden does not have a Vault like KeepassXC? I am still trying to figure out how all this works in the backend. KeepassXc has an encrypted vault that you can basically take anywhere and point the gui to, open the vault and you are good to go. Bitwarden up to the moment is web based. Still figuring this out so i will report back.

  5. Back to Bitwarden and Flatpak. Why AppImage?! Bitwarden supports Appimage, which has some issues IMO. There’s a lot to say here and will lead to tangents.

I started in Bitwarden but moved to KeepassXC. There is an Android app, it’s called KeePassDX. It’s in the official F-Droid repository and is compatible with KeepassXC files. I use Syncthing to keep the database in sync (also on F-Droid :smiley:).

Edit: If I was you I’d simply stay with KeePass. Both Bitwarden and KeePass have their advantages but you’re already setup with KeePass.

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KeePassDx is not an official KeepassXC android application. KeepassXC does not publish an official android app.

Although their team has done a nice job with their presentation. Web page, having the app on F-Droid and other details, KeePassDx is a fork of a previous implementation of KeePass on Android which itself was not an official app.

There are differences between both KeePassXC & Bitwarden, and since I posted this over a month ago, I have barely used Bitwarden. Also the device i wanted to use it most on, has issues with battery life and being an old version of Android.

In fact, I have found even more uses for my KeePassXC vault, and this will only expand.

I will take a deep dive into KeePassDX and the app I have currently on Android for KeePass vaults.

I will continue to post my findings here.

Well, Since I downloaded Bitwarden over a month ago, i have only used it 1 time. Yet my KeePassXC usage has increased. So i went on and downloaded KeePassDX. Although not an official KeePass Android app, It is well supported and has a sleek UI with mobile features for fingerprint unlock and others.

I will continue the deep dive for both KeePassXC & BitWarden. Sharing my experience for both over time.