Best way to get Google Drive on my system

I’m using Tumbleweed Gnome Wayland on an AMD Ryzen laptop. I tried using Gnome → Settings → Online Accounts → Google Drive but it doesn’t work. It times out each time and never connects to Google Drive.

There are a number of 3rd party apps to install Google Drive on Linux. Which do you recommend? I’m happy with a good paid or free app.

My needs are very basic. I only have about 5 files in my Google Drive that I want to also have locally. I also want to be able to simultaneously download multiple files from Google Drive to my local drive without zipping.

I was just going to say Gnome > Settings > Online Accounts but if that is not working for some reason, then there are flatpaks for this.

I have not setup the following suggestion, nor do I know how to do so, but I would suggest a local Nextcloud setup with wireguard. Tailscale is also something I also haven’t used but it would allow you to connect to your network with no inbound open ports. So you could access your files from elsewhere.

This would increase privacy and also you’d know where the data is stored. I really don’t like the idea of cloud storage for files, but we use it quite a bit, like this forum is a form of cloud storage, so we can’t have zero reliance on servers, but we can limit our dependence.