Best way to get a custom script made? Upwork? Or some other way?

I’m using Ubuntu 21.10. I’m a tech newbie and know nothing about scripting. I want to hire someone to write a simple script for my Restic backup jobs. Should I go with Upwork? Or is there a better way to find someone? I’m new to this so sorry for my newb question.

I’d recommend using the Job Board on the forum and/or asking for someone in one of the DLN Matrix channels first so you get more of a known quantity and they’ll be easier to get back in touch with.

If you post it i’ll forward it to DLN chat so you can get the best options.

If you want to have a go at doing it yourself i’m sure a lot of people would help out myself included.

It’s a kind to offer to pay someone to do it though.


Thanks for the offer! Very kind. I got some feedback from the members of the Restic forum. Based on that I’ll do a check --read-data after about every 3 or 4 snapshots. I can do it manually so that’ll work for my needs.

Thanks also for the heads up about the Job Board! Very appreciated. I’ve got a small job to post there.