Best power supply calculator

I’ve been eyeing a new gpu for a couple years. Sometimes I’ll spend time checking out a bunch of cards against different power supply calculators to check which might work with my existing power supply (500W EVGA).

Frustratingly I’ve noticed some sites say that even my current setup is too much for the power supply I have. Are these just sites like newegg trying to upcharge me? Its a prebuilt from a reputable linux focused company. Does anybody have a good recommendation for an accurate power supply calculator?

I found them all to be hit and miss so I used several to get an average range and also checked out builds people have already made and shown (searched youtube and google for XXXwatt pc build etc.).
Based on what I found I opted for overkill just to cover myself personally.

Some of the calculators I checked were:
As well as going to some of the custom PC company sites and spec’ing out a new machine to see what they recommended. Some of those sites have forums where people discuss planned builds and the hardware nerds jump in with their knowledge which is usually somewhat balanced and impartial.

With any business I assume there’s an element of chasing that upcharge but flip side is getting a PSU that struggles until it blows and takes other components with it.


thanks for sharing! I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that there was a discrepancy between a lot of the calculators out there. I’ll have to peek around more!