Best places to host Libreoffice?

I want to do a little hobby learning project where I host Libreoffice on a server. Then I build a very simple relational database (RDB) using Libreoffice Base to handle some personal data.

What are the best options for cheaply and easily hosting Libreoffice?

Are there any online hosting services that offer Libreoffice as a built in turnkey solution?

I want to access and utilize my simple LO Base personal database from anywhere.

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Honestly I would probably start with Digital Ocean. Very Linux friendly and could have some good resources if you need it.

Also, look into :

note: you can use podman to run your oci compliant docker images if you don’t want to run docker itself.

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Thanks. I’ll explore DO and the container options. I’ve been curious about podman. Maybe time to finally dive in… :slightly_smiling_face:

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