Best motherboard with addressable RGB, controllable with Linux & X570 chipset

What is the best motherboard that has addressable RGB and can be controlled on Linux? Planning on start building around April, and it’ll be based on Ryzen 5000.

Personally ? I’d contact Asus tech support and find out how they’ve been thinking. They’re fairly good at forwarding questions to get an answer for you from some pretty cool folks.Gigabyte can be pretty friendly too. Not the highest end stuff but support for me has been good.

I’d probably go with a Asus motherboard since it works pretty good with OpenRGB. Adam Honse / OpenRGB · GitLab

Also, Manjaro added the kernel patch to the kernel, so it should work out of the box. (depending on the RGB chip on the board). That’s really the only software I’ve tested that works well, and I’m using a Asus z370 motherboard…, FYI.

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That’s excellent to hear.