Best mechanical gaming keyboards for Linux with support for programmable hardware macro keys & (RGB) LED confuguration

I’m looking for a keyboard that supports reprogrammable macro keys. I currently own a G.SKILL, which I bought before switching to Linux full time. I currently have to switch to Windows just so that I can reprogram those keys. I prefer not to do that with my next one.

Also, one that can configure the output of LEDs, like waves, equalizer, etc.

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I’ll be following this topic as keyboard RGB is a finicky beast with Linux :+1:

As far as macros goes, I have no idea. From the RGB side of things, you have Razer which uses OpenRazer, and then use polychromatic to actually change the RGB. GitHub - polychromatic/polychromatic: RGB lighting management software for GNU/Linux. Powered by OpenRazer. Aims to be vendor agnostic some day.

Logitech is also well supported for the most part via g810-led. GitHub - MatMoul/g810-led: Linux led controller for Logitech G213, G410, G413, G512, G513, G610, G810, g815, G910 and GPRO Keyboards

There is also piper when can change the RGB on some Logitech mice also.

Hope that helps!

Dang. I was hoping for keyboard manufacturers that support Cherry.

For macro support, I’m leaning towards CoolerMaster since you can record macros without software, IIRC.

I have a K55 Corsair keyboard that needs no actual software for RGB. It has macro keys, but I’ve never used them yet. Don’t really care so much for the keyboard, but it’s just hooked up to the laptop. I prefer brown switches, and I was actually kinda surprised by the Romer G brown ones on the Logitech G810. (but the volume control was subpar).

You might want to check into Linux support on Das Keyboard also, since System76 sells them, that might be a good sign.

I ended up going for Cooler Master because it was on sale on Amazon & Das wasn’t available there (at least with Prime shipping), but now that I use it, I wish I went with that.

Maybe next time…

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I’ve been looking at the Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB keyboard for a bit, although I find it rather hard to spend $200 on a keyboard. lol

Here’s the link btw:

I’m using a Corsair K95(the old version with 18 macro keys) with ckb-next(
Works out pretty well including RGB and macros. As far as I’m aware I’m not missing out on any features I’d have on “other” operating systems.

ckb-next looks great but better not doing like me and check beforehand which keyboards are supported :roll_eyes: this software never see my k83 wireless…
What’s funny is seeing which special keys works right off the bat on certain distros