Best AMD/Radeon Low-Profile Video Card?

I have a Mini-ITX Media Server running several containers. Use it for Plex, my Desktop and light gaming.

It’s housed in a Chenbro SR301 case that has 4 hotswap sata bays and it provides one low-profile pcie video card slot.

I’m currently using a Ryzen 5 2400G with built-in discrete graphics. But I plan to do a refresh of this system in a few months with a discrete low-profile graphics card.

Looking at the available offerings, there seems to be more nVidia options in this category. I really only need 1 or 2 HDMI outputs.

I don’t know as if you will find a better low profile AMD card than the integrated GPU in a newer AMD APU. I don’t even think you will find a better low profile dedicated AMD GPU than your current AMD APU. Frankly, if your board can take enough RAM, I don’t know as if there is a point to run a dedicated GPU in this type of box.

I know this doesn’t seem like a helpful answer, but after a quick search of the usual suspects I’m convinced that there isn’t a AMD solution in this arena. It looks like the best NVIDIA card in the low profile is a 1050 Ti, which isn’t much exciting either.

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MSI made a low profile RX 560 w/ 4GB of RAM. With dedicated RAM you’re going to see an improvement in performance over discrete built in GPU. In general though Nvidia has a lot more to offer in the low profile arena.

Ok fun fact. If you go to Newegg and browse through Form Factor > low profile or low profile ready this card and the NVIDIA options don’t show up. If you browse through Form Factor > ITX they show up. I guess I learned something today.