Backups and file synchronisation

I’ve been planning to finally back up my files for some time now and latest episode of Destination Linux finally motivated me to actually do it. Now I’m looking for best solution to do that.

For now I want to back some of my files into local Raspbery Pi server and some on my Android phone. This approach isn’t 100% fail-proof, but it’s also way better than my current backup strategy.

  1. Raspberry Pi Server.
    I have few requirements for this:
  • files should be backed up automatically every few days
  • I should have access to not only newest backup, but few older ones as well
  • storage space might become an issue, so it would be good to discard older backups. If solution was able to compress backups by only keeping changes, instead of whole file structure, that would be ideal.
  • I’m pretty good at scripting, so if given solution isn’t automated, I can take care of that.
  1. Android
    This one I want to work more as a synchronization of given directories.
  • I should be able to select multiple separate directories on my PC and copy them into selected paths on the phone
  • It could also work other way around (changes made on the phone would apply to files on PC), but it’s not required
  • Should either update on every change or in short time intervals (~once every hour)
  • Only newest structure should be kept
  • Phone should have full access to those files (no external encryption or compression)

What applications and tools would be best to get this outcome?

SimpleSSHD running my on Android allows me to use rsync to move files back and forth on my phone. With scripting the entire process is automatic. I run a scheduler on the phone that turns SimpleSSHD on at a specified time. A crontab controls the backup and push of the files to the phone. I set it up once, tweaked it, and never have to think about it again.

Here is a tutorial I put together to make all of this happen:


You can use Syncthing on Android too. It’s as easy to setup as on the desktop.

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Syncthing is really easy and exactyl what I needed. Thanks!

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