Atom vs Sublime Text for Python

I’m looking at the two and I’m wondering about the cost for Sublime Text since it is not free. Is it worth the price? What does everything think about Atom and/or Sublime Text?

I’ve been using Vim up to this point, but that was more to force me to learn Vim. I’m not against Vim, but I’d like to move to something a little different.

What say you?

Why not VSCodium or Visual Studio Code?

PyCharm might be worth looking into because it has a preview system for testing.

I prefer Sublime Text for pretty much everything but its more an all-around-er kind of thing so might not be best for specific language usage.

Also, Atom is just a clone of Sublime Text anyway :smiley:

By the way, yes I think Sublime Text is worth the price BUT they have an infinite trial period as well. It’s not technically free but its more like “nagware” because every 100 saves it will ask you to buy it but if you press Esc you can dismiss the popup so the evaluation period is essentially forever. After you’ve spent enough time with it though, you will want to pay for it because it’s that good. :smiley:

  • In the Atom versus Sublime Text question, I would choose Atom. With the variety of freely available text editors I don’t think Sublime provides that much value anymore.
  • I currently use Visual Studio Code, even though I have no love for Microsoft, it is a great tool.
  • A friend told me about kDevelop yesterday, and I like what I see because I’m a KDE fanboy… :smile:

That’s just where I’m at currently as far as text editors are concerned.

EDIT: Update on kDevelop

  • It’s a pain in the rear end to configure for C++, which is what I’m doing at the moment.
  • It’s slightly easier to set up for Python
  • Now that I have it set up I’ll use it for a while, otherwise I’ve wasted 20 minutes… :man_shrugging:

I’m not a M$ fanboy. I do not trust them to not spy on me. If it works for you, great. I’d prefer to use something else. Just my preference.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll give Sublime Text a try.

I am familiar with pyCharm, but as just a code editor, it is very heavy. It is a full featured IDE, but I don’t need that much functionality right now. I really think the plug-ins to Atom and Sublime Text will provide for all of my needs.

I’m not familiar with kDevelop, I’ll take a look at that one as well, although, I think Atom and Sublime Text seem to be very popular, at least with Python development.

I don’t use them. I’ve heard good things. VSCodium, if you read, strives to respect freedom. Maybe you should check it out. Maybe before calling others Microsoft fanboys you should try … to get along with others…

It was not my intention to call anyone an MS fanboy. I was simply stating my own opinion.

I respect the opinions of others, otherwise I would not have asked.

VSCodium reminds me of the argument for the Brave browser. That a comparatively small team of devs with favorable ethics can reign in every data abuse, means of telemetry and gov’t sponsored backdoor created by a huge company within their own massive code base.

Given the alternatives here are Atom which is now owned by Microsoft and Sublime Text which is closed source and doesn’t do external security audits (as of 2yrs ago at least) it’s really a quest for compromise.

I’ll be that one guy who recommends Neovim despite barely beginning to really use it.



This is the Brave browser you are talking about? The one that hijacks ads I run on my website and replaces them without my permission with some kind of escrow scheme that I have to opt in to receive the revenue which was rightfully mine to begin with? That Brave browser?

Also, gvim exists, right? It’s got the GUI kids love.

It’s the reason I was careful to use a greater than ( > ) term, “favorable ethics” instead of an equative ( = ) term like “ethical alternative” though I respect it’s a debatable point if Brave devs have more ethics than Google devs. They both have their finger in the pie in different ways but i’d argue Google’s whole arm is in there too.

It’s the reason I use Firefox and don’t recommend Brave but the arguements used for VSCodium and Brave are the same.

Thanks for tip. If only it was gnvim! :slight_smile:

And I’ll be the other one guy to second this suggestion! I’ve been using (neo)vim for years, and for Python in particular, and it’s been just great! Of course, with the right plugins it only gets better :smiley:


Thanks for sharing that. I had no idea they did that.

Since they are doing this through the browser ( without the users permission ), this is another example of theft of bandwidth.

I wonder if @PatPlusLinux could claim some type of copyright violation against them altering the content on his site. Just a thought…