Atlernative OS for a Nokia 6.1


I own a Nokia 6.1 phone, it is an android one device, it came out of the box with android 8, it did not seen like a bad choice at the time, but now well, you know.

I want to ask if anyone here has some experience in converting this device into an alternative OS; I have gone thru UBports, Sailfish, /e/, websites; There is no official option for this model in either of these systems, so I would be doing it at my own risk, hence the hesitation.

Has anyone here have tried to do convert these model to these systems? or any other system, I just want to get rid of google.

I know I can buy a new device with a linux system, but the only one I could afford is a pinephone, and that is a looooong wait.

Any comment is appreciated.

Thank you.

There’s a lot of aftermarket OS’s but the mainstream ones are Graphene OS and Lineage OS.

If your phone is on their supported devices lists then it’s just down to flashing a bootloader. If not someone may have forked a version for your device.

XDA Developers forum is my go-to resource for gathering that information:

If you can find your phone it’ll have lots of threads discussing OS options, how to install them, get root, install a bootloader, ect. I strongly recommend only Lineage or Graphene as i’ve had some very bad experiences beyond those but if you don’t mind the risk you can venture into the more custom ones.