AT&T DNS problems?

Hey everyone,

I’ve brought this up on the Matrix chat but I’m putting it here for less churn and more eyes.

Is anyone else having problems connecting to this forum using an AT&T network cellular device?

I have an unjailbroken iPhone running iOS 14.6 through AT&T and I am absolutely unable to load this forum via Safari or the DiscourseHub app but ONLY while connected to the cellular connection.

I get a page cannot be loaded error in Safari and an SSL error in DiscourseHub.

If I connect via Wi-Fi I have no problems accessing the site. I can even connect using Cloudflare’s DNS app over a cellular connection.

Is anyone else running into similar issues?

Insight is much appreciated.

UPDATE: After pinging Michael and clearing my cache I still have the same problem. It only happens with the DLN forum and only over cellular connection.

The discourse forum was not available to me for a while on Spectrum using my phone over WiFi when I got home around 1500 est.

I figure there was an issue that got resolved. Because, here we are.

No I’ve had this issue for a couple days now and it’s still ongoing.

There was a forum software issue which caused the forum cert to expire for a few hours yesterday. Michael managed to fix it on the fly (I think during a LUG?). No pressure lol

It’s possible Safari or something else along the chain decided an almost expired cert was close enough to block. Any chance you could check it again and i’ll forward the findings?

Thank you,