Ask Us Anything Post - Put Your Questions Here!

We’re doing a live Ask Us Anything! Please post your questions below for any of the individual creators or shows on DLN. We will be selecting from these questions and answering them live during our celebration of 30 Years of Linux on Aug 22nd.

  • You could ask Michael why he prefers stools over chairs?
  • Brandon what his favorite cellphone purchase is?
  • Eric, his favorite snack?
  • Matt, what his favorite game is?
  • Wendy, the funniest moment during a recording of Hardware Addicts?
  • Noah, what’s his favorite distro of all time?

It’s an open forum for you to ask any funny or serious questions you have.

Thanks everyone! See you at the celebration!


Dasgeek question Star trek Discovery … thats all . :smiley: have fuunn


Tough questions:

  1. Who’s your favorite DLN content creator who isn’t a co-host?
  2. Who’s your favorite non-DLN content creator who does Linux or BSD?
  3. On a scale of 1 to Michael, how much do you Michael?

Good ones Ulfnic

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For how long did all of you nice DLN hosts stick with one distribution and why and what made you change it for another one?


So, even though I have been listening to DLN content since the beginning (I started with TWiL by Michael and have followed Noah since the JB days.) how did it coalesce into a combined effort and network of shows?

I mean, I am well aware of the history of JB and that was driven mostly by Chris scratching his itches but DLN does not seem to have such a central figure pushing in one direction. It is much more organic and seemingly diverse both in shows and hosts.

Anyway, I am just curious because I am pondering also where you see it all going to in another 5 years.


Hi DLN crew!

I’ve got several questions!

  1. What’s everyone’s favorite video game and board game?
  2. What was everyone’s first game they remember fondly?
  3. What was everyone’s first Linux distro? How did they get it? Where did they hear about it?
  4. What is everyone’s opinion about emacs and vi/vim?
  5. Finally, what’s the best version of Tux the penguin?


  1. What is the origin story of the DLN network?

  2. What is the team members favorite distro today, longtime favorite distro and why?

  3. Favorite music genre and favorite artist (be honest! No hate :nerd_face:)?

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What is your game console of choice?

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If you could magically create the perfect host and show with plenty of time, what would you make another DLN show/youtube channel about?

What’s your favorite recent linux community innovation, and why is it pipewire?
If you could magically create another innovation to change things in the Linux ecosystem, what would it be?

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What’s the worst thing you’ve had to troubleshoot during an installation?

Do any of the team see “added sugar” in food as being the future downfall of humanity?

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