As of August 2022, how is Plasma Wayland?

My gaming PC uses a Ryzen 9 5900X with Radeon RX 6900XT. I use it mainly gaming, web browsing and playing with virtual machines.

My ThinkPad X1 Yoga (10th gen Core i7-10510U) is where I do most of my work stuff, with light gaming on the go.

With that in mind, how is Wayland as of August 2022? Is there a reason why I shouldn’t use it?

Last time I tried with my laptop, reopening the lid won’t wake it up from sleep. I haven’t tried it on my gaming desktop yet, as the sleep function seemed to be broken after trying on the laptop.

The only time I use Wayland now is with my Neon Unstable 22.04 VM, with my GTX 1060 passed through. Still buggy, IMO, but I think it’s more likely caused by the NVIDIA driver.

I’ve been using Plasma Wayland for a long time now (a year or so) and haven’t had any major issues with it, since Plasma 5.24 came out.

My system is all AMD based, so no nvidia experience.


I may have to give it a try. I have multi-monitors with different refresh rates … I just lucked out and traded a 3060ti for a 6800xt so wayland should be good for me now.

There are still major problems running Wayland on Nvidia hardware, other than that it is finally pulling ahead of X11 in a lot of ways. I see more forum threads where people say things like “I switched to Wayland and the problem went away.”

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I just moved to wayland on KDE on a 6800xt , we shall see. time will tell.

I have the same hardware as you do and use my computer almost the same way you do except for the VMs, but instead I do photographic work and some light video editing.

I tried it briefly, and to my surprise it worked a lot better than I thought it would.
I had issues with a couple of the games in my library, but most of them work really well.
Some didn’t start at all and a couple of them had minor performance issues, still playable though. But still, most of them worked well.
I didn’t experience any issues with the OS or DE at all, and the applications I use worked well to.

The only weird behavior was when using Fractional Scaling (which I do all the time) on my 34" monitor. The resolution in games got changed to a lower one. The max resolution in the games settings was lower than the native to my monitor. It wasn’t even there as an option in game settings.
On X11/Xorg that doesn’t happen, if set it to my desired scaling in the “System Settings” I can still use my native resolution in the games (which is 3440x1440).

As of now I’ll keep using X11/Xorg, but I do foresee a change, for me, in the near future.

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My experiences will be different then others I am sure, but Wayland is still not ready for adoption for me. It actually doesn’t matter which DE. Although I have tried both Gnome and Plasma, I wind up on X. I prefer Cinnamon though, so I will probably be on X forever. Rock solid and stable for me, both Cinnamon and X. I am on EndeavourOS btw… Arch. Another that just keeps me coming back to it and at this point daily driver. The grass hasn’t been greener no matter where I changed to.

So after a few days of using Wayland on KDE I can say it’s OK. The one thing I’ve noticed it takes way to long to shut down, Oddly enough if you log out first it shuts down fast. Hopefully I can figure out a work around for this. I may just switch back to x11