Application to adjust monitor's color, brightness, etc.?

I think I remember one of the hosts talking about an application that let you adjust your monitor’s color and brightness without having to fiddle with the monitor buttons but I have failed in my searching to find it.

I don’t need high accuracy so I can’t justify buying a sensor. All I want is to make my two monitors display colors somewhat similarly and at about the same brightness. What I have now is them showing the same application as gray on one and grayish pink on the other.

Every time I go into the monitor’s settings I can’t seem to make any changes that help. And it takes forever.

So: Is there an application that makes it easier to play with the settings? And/or any tutorials that are aimed at “good enough” as opposed to “Graphic Designer/Professional Photographer Approved” levels of calibration?

Thanks for any input.

Might be helpful combined with other software:

Beyond that… I only know of xbacklight, brightnessctl and getting hands on with xrandr.

I found that page earlier and I thought it was offering up software requiring a sensor. I did install GNOME Color Manager but I can’t seem to figure it out. I can get the test blue to change my screen but none of the other profiles seem to do anything.

I hunted for a how to use video or tutorial but, if they exist, they must be buried under thousands of “use this, but we assume that you already know how” type references.

I did fiddle with one of the monitors onboard settings a bit and got it closer to the other. I think I should be able to get a little closer.

redshift would work?

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I’m not sure if it can be unpinned from geolocation but it looks like it might be worth a shot.

I think the underlying technology is correct but the implementation probably won’t allow me to set different settings on a per monitor basis.

I think I am going to have to break down and buy an old used sensor on eBay. Since I am not looking for accuracy at a high level I figure old, used and cheap should still get me where I want to go.

I’ve got an old Pantone Huey on the way. Hopefully, I can figure out how to use it.

An update:

I got the Pantone Huey and used DisplayCal to get each monitor to a baseline using their onboard adjustments. Then I tried to use color profiles to get them really close. Gnome Color wasn’t acting as I expected in LM20.3. Some profiles did nothing, others did, but it was over the top. At least I knew it was doing something.

So, I got the two monitors closer. Each time I tried to get them closer they swapped which one was warmer/colder. I will be giving it another go after I get settled in on my new hardware and LM21.