Apple is headed toward convergence

Pretty interesting news from WWDC about Apple moving to ARM within the next two years. Every device in their lineup will have an ARM chip and running the same architecture across their products.

The Linux community talks about convergence all the time so I thought this would be interesting to some people.

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I must have missed something, but I didn’t hear anything about all the devices running the same OS.
As far as I know, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, TvOS and WatchOS are all still gonna be separate systems.

Oops, misspoke. You are correct. What I meant to say it’s that all their OS variants will be solidified around ARM architecture. Which should mean more shared code between their devices.

Unless this has changed since I used to develop for iOS - the iPhone and iPad use exactly the same OS, just different screen dimensions for applications.

It did change. Last year or the year before that, they made iPadOS, which is basically iOS but for big screens and some iPad specific stuff in it.

Today I learned.

They have been marketing the iPad Pro like it is a MacBook/PC replacement. I wouldn’t doubt iPadOS and MacOS start to become more like each other in the near future. Now that, in theory, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro should run on the iPad Pro when those become native ARM applications and the iPad apps should already run on the new ARM Mac with the Rosetta 2 translation ability.

I’m interested to see how the new Mac perform. We already know the Pinebook Pro runs great, it’s no surprise that an ARM based PC can be good. I’m curious to know if Apple manages to thermally throttle even the ARM processors haha!