Apple announced something I didn't expect

I suspect it will make @dasgeek happy though.


I’m sure Louis Rossman is happy about this news.

The change in policy is almost certainly the result of current or pending litigation by consumer rights advocates or governments.


Comes with a bucket of solvent, some towels, more glue and a turkey baster to put it back together. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside that’s good news.

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Have you watched his response on it. . .


I just watched it. He’s skeptical for the time being because of a prior program that was just a PR stunt. He wants to know how granular part availability will be.


:thinking: I’ll have to see it before i’m going to believe it.
Apple and repairs? Those two don’t seem to fit together. :stuck_out_tongue:

One big issue, we already know of is that they are still going to block using third party or parts gotten from broken devices. They are to be only source providing the parts.

My guess is that this movie is only to show “you can get the parts now” to convince lawmarkers regulation on this field is not needed.

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It wasn’t like that years ago so in theory it could be different :man_shrugging: But I agree it’s certainly more something very much controlled and just to say it’s possible now…

Yep. I’ll believe it when i actually see a broken iphone get repaired with original parts (or 3rd party, but i think you’d do better using original. The phone itself costs around 1200€ nowadays, so you don’t go cheap on spare parts imho), either by a “genius” or an independent person, in no way affiliated with apple.

As I said elsewhere. Repairability is one thing, upgradability is another. While it sounds good on the surface, it does still mean Apple can keep you locked into its ecosystem. Which may be fine for you, but it just means they will push you to upgrade, either by force slowing down your device (proven) or making sure that they make things less compatible over time.

I am gonna speculate that your average iPhone user not only has no idea how to open their iPhone without breaking it, but has none of the tools needed to re-assemble it either.

Call me a cynic, but Apple suddenly having a change of heart just as Right to Repair is winning over the politicians strikes me as avoidance, not a genuine change in policy.


Still searching Apple’s parts inventory for “glue solvent”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I heard it said somewhere else but Apple is a services (middleman) company now, more than anything else.

They don’t care if you have a new phone, they just want you to keep your app subscriptions going.

So if you paying them a little extra (in profit) to buy a battery or a new screen….fine! Just please don’t cancel your Netflix/Noteability/Angry Birds(?) subscription

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