AppImage install / ubuntu budgie


There is a game I play that uses AppImage format for installation. Previously on Elementary OS making the AppImage executable installed an app that was accessible via the menu.
On Budgie making the AppImage executable launch the game without any glitch except no shortcut appears on the app listing. So I have to double-click that image each time.
No a big deal but I was wondering if there’s anything I have to do that was made automatically under Elementary OS or is it a limitation of Budgie ?

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I’ve had similar experiences where some AppImages will offer to “install” themselves which is really just adding a .desktop file in the .local/share/applications directory in home. Others just run without offering. It may be the distro or DE as well because it doesn’t always seem to be consistent. One way around this is to use AppImageauncher which is a helper application that presents the option to add any AppImage to your menu (i.e. add the .desktop file).

Pop LTS is based on Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic” so you should be able to download and install the deb file -