Anyone have a recommended lightweight compositor & wallpaper manager for LXQt + i3 setup?

I’m currently playing around with LXQt + i3 on Void Linux, trying to get a feel for it.

I’m currently using Nitrogen to draw the background because using the default way with LXQt will cause the desktop itself to tile. If any of you got better options, I’m all ears. Kinda wish there’s a Qt option (Nitrogen is GTK), but I couldn’t find any. I also would like one that’s capable of wallpaper slideshow & Nitrogen doesn’t seem to be capable of it.

As for compositor, well, I’m not sure what to use between Compton, Xcompmgr & Picomp. Thoughts?

I don’t understand the naming history that well but generally speaking Compton, Xcompmgr & Picomp are all forks of basically the same thing and the newest is picom. Hopefully someone corrects me if i’m off the mark.

As for changing wallpaper, in gnome you have

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri "file:///home/user/example.jpg"

…and various other options. There may be an equivalent for lxqt.

Damn… high availability too.

I also recommend feh and @Ulfnic is right, the successor to all things xcompmgr is now picom albeit not really working well for me personally.

I had to play around with Picom and Compton in order for it to work properly.

It seems that the default compositing LXQt’s set up with Compton, but Picom is backward compatible with it (both sample configs are virtually (if not exactly) similar). When installing Compton on Void, Picom is a dependency. Got Picom to work with LXQt’s Compton config settings by symlinking picom.conf to compton.conf.