Any Joe Rogan podcast listeners in this community?

If you don’t listen to JRE, it’s very educational, and I would like to highlight four incredible episodes:

#1109 Wathew Walker

An information dense episode, detailing the health effects of a lack of sleep, specifically, six hours or less, and some advice to help maintain a sleep schedule.

Many incredible podcast episodes after that, many I haven’t listened to

#1946 Siddarth Kara goes over the horrendous reality of mineral mining, child labor, and birth defects caused by the terrible conditions in the Congo of Africa. There are other awful areas, but this area is the source of cobalt, which 75% of the world’s cobalt supply originates. Lithium-ion batteries all use cobalt, which is the main use of the mineral, but it does have a few other uses.

Next up is #2032, and the incompetence of the governer of Hawaii who not only helped cause a serious drought in the region, a condition that hasn’t happened in a very long time, and was caused by divertion of the usual flow of water to big business: golf courses, large farms and hotels.

This caused an avoidable wildfire and other awful events that I will not mention here.

Finally, #2062 goes over large food businesses and the corruption involved, including mis-labeling imported food products as “product of U.S.A.” which should definitely be illegal. We the people of anywhere on Earth, should know exactly where our food is produced, among other missing details, like growth hormones and animal feed content, antibiotics and any other related information.


The fact that the FDA does things to allow “Natural flavors” and renaming Sugar as other things is egregious. Vegetable Oil with no trace of actual natural vegetable in them and many more things is what’s caused the proliferation of many disease.

I don’t listen frequently but do catch some shows.

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