Any Blender users out there? I Just watched this


I know it’s amazing software but never got around to learning it as I’ve never had a desperate need to.

Used it for video editing for a bit, when I was doing YouTube videos. Ending up switching to kdenlive, but I found it worth learning.

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As he seems to have had the hardware and software setups ready, what would have been even more fascinating are further benchmarks run on more general-purpose software, I think.

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I ran very similar benchmarks earlier this month on Ryzen 9 3900X / RTX 2080 Super and can confirm SOME of these findings! There’s definitely a noticeable difference when looking at the simulation benchmarks, and Linux (Pop OS in this case) pulls ahead on every single test I’ve run.


I tried using it for video editing but was having issues with the audio waveforms being out of sync. I experienced this on two different systems so I have to assume it’s not just me although I have to assume others would have brought it up as an issue and I couldn’t find anything on it when searching. Very odd. As an aside, I found that the snap on Ubuntu worked very well.