American Truck Simulator

So I bought this game for my 7 year old son after he was really interested after watching Zeb play on his channel. But after helping him play I have found it is really addictive and actually quite relaxing. I put it on a rock/metal radio station and find the longest drives I can and just go to town. Dispite driving well over the speed limit (sometimes in excess of 90 mph) pulling very heavy loads this is one game that never seems to get my blood pressure up. And unlike Zeb I actually try to miss other vehicles.

Thanks Zeb for the suggestion!

Chris DeLuca


I am definitely hooked on Euro and American truck simulator. It’s a great game to play when needing to catch up on podcasts.

Never even considered that… I usually listen to podcasts while I am driving anyway… great idea… THANKS!

I’ve thought about trying the game. My dad was a trucker for 30 years and thought it might be interesting to half experience it.

I love watching @zebedee.boss go absolutely wild on those caravans on the highway. Something about those ridiculous physics makes me giggle like a child. Glad you’re enjoying this awesome game! I look forward to seeing more people enjoying it in the future too :grin:

So I hate to admit it was played on Windows but In windows I can stream radio off the internet… On linux (both installed from steam) I cannot? Anyone know why?

I’ve really enjoyed ATS and ETS myself! With the no damage mod installed it is time to hit the road, go as fast as possible, pass in the emergency lane and just relax.

I actually made a Spotify playlist for this game when I was reviewing it if you want some great road tunes.



You mean the Linux 4 Everyone back catalog isn’t a great playlist to listen to while playing ETS or ATS? :stuck_out_tongue:


Something tells me you and I are going to be great friends @TJBrown :slight_smile:


So replying to my own post. Apparently it has never worked and they don’t plan to fix it. I found threads as far back as 2015 complaining on the Linux side not having streaming radio. Zeb any comment?

ATS is hypnotic. Few games hold my interest as well. It’s very relaxing which is such a contrast to most games that are fast paced and intentionally exciting. Definitely one of those games that is worth every penny.

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Zeb has an unfair advantage in these games. When he gets on the left side of the road, he has the excuse of being from England :crazy_face: hahaha j/k

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Interesting, driving normally is stressful to me :smiley:

I actually drove a 5-ton delivery truck (an International, and a GMC Topkick sometimes), with air brakes, manual transmission, back in my Uni days (I took one year off University to deliver refrigerated goods and party with the very decent earnings).

They made a truck simulator game? What a strange world. I must be getting old!

Ok, so one night and I’m already hooked! Good stuff!

Any Suggestions for a SW setup on Linux? I have the old 360 wheel, but looking to upgrade to be a REAL trucker with my hat, and dog on the couch when we go traveling! Sometimes my 5 year old wants to drive also.Figure ATS will teach her better then a family car. lol. Thanks in Advance!