AMD+Amdrewards is Big Joke validating

There Needs to be another way AMD There should always be 2 Options

This is to get Free Game or Games by AMD

AMD+AMDREWARDS is a Joke. AMD rewards wants you to validate your qualifying product by it being installed.

AMD Response

These promotions require you to have the appropriate qualifying AMD CPU or GPU installed before you attempt to validate your coupon code.

Now with the GPU this doesn’t bother me too much. But the CPU is whole different story. I bought the CPU 2700x Ryzen + Motherboard. This is all i have right now. I have to get the rest of my parts Memory, Fans and Power Supply. So I cannot validate the CPU no way according to AMD. They should really have another option.

Now let me ask you Guys this say a lot of people buy just the CPU from AMD and that’s it nothing else 100 of them and all they have is the CPU by itself. You cannot validate without the rest of the components. “According to AMD it has to be installed”

AMD was nice enough to let me bypass the validate process by sending in my Invoice/receipt and promotional code. :blush:

I want to know what you guys think of this process. Have you guys had any problems and would you like to see them change something??