Alternative multimedia software

Hello everyone, I would just like to recommend QMPlay2 as an amazing alternative multimedia application. It’s lightweight, fast, and full of many features including Vulkan support, CUVID support, video filters, radio, playlist treeview, visualizations, full theme customization, just to name a few. It would just like to spread the word about this application because it deserves way more attention.


Thank you LinuxToAll

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Nice! Trying it out now. The YouTube integration is excellent.

What is the best way to get the word out for QMPlay2? It would be neat to see this project grow and become more popular.

  • You could show off some compelling features that regular users may like but can’t get from alternatives.
  • You could write an article on it and see if any Linux news sites are interested or make a video.
  • Just talking about it in lots of places could also help it catch on.

If anybody is looking for an alternative for audio editing, KWave can perform some basic tasks and some interesting features including the ability to schedule recordings. It uses the Qt Multimedia Audio for recording the source audio.

I dont think a single thread for various alternatives would be practical because it can quickly become overwhelming for newcomers. I suggest making a single thread per application you want to introduce to people. For example, this could be a thread about QMPlay2 and then make another about KWave. Bonus is that the title of the thread would have the name of the application which would be picked up by search bots.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m done trying to spread the word.

did you find another application instead? I realize it has been a while since the original post. I am curious why you said you are done trying.