All Shows Feed gone?

So, I don’t remember exactly when it was mentioned during a Destination Linux podcast episode, but for a while there was an all shows feed for all the DLN podcasts: . Unfortunetly, it looks like this feed has been down since close to New Years time though, as I haven’t been getting updates from DLN podcasts since the new year. Is this intentional or just an accident?

I don’t know if the feed was very popular, but I know that I definitely enjoyed being able to get all your shows in one location! Thanks for all the work that you all do! ( image attached to show the search indexes had it at one point (can’t find it being indexed now though) )

That is definitely odd @MichaelTunnell will probably be the best one to answer this particular issue.

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@elrey741 I wrote the code for the dln rss rake. I noticed that the feed quit working about 10 days ago and brought it to the attention of those who maintain it. The problem is under review on their server.

In the meantime, I maintain a master rss feed of the DLN network on my own server. You are welcome to use my feed until the problem is sorted out or until those in charge tell me to stop.

Plase let me know if you experience any irregularities in this feed. I would appreciate the feedback.


Awesome, thanks @MarkofCain! Does that feed have Noah’s show like the PR that I submitted to your repo or no?

I have an aggregator script as well for all the different podcasts that I listen to, so I just wanted to know if I can remove AskNoah from that list or not.

It doesn’t contain the rss feed for The Ask Noah Show. Even before Noah left the DLN, Noah wanted to keep his show separate. His feed, at request, was never included.


I don’t know the backstory on that, it’s possible some kind of update may have changed it.

What you’re looking for is probably this:

Please let me know if that’s the same feed.

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You’re that one dude who just likes fixing problems.


Oh, I didn’t know that he left the network… from this:

post it just sounded like he was not going to be particpating in the main DLN podcast not that he had completely left the network…Thanks for letting me know, and sorry for the PR. I’ll go ahead and close it.

yep, that was it. Thanks @Ulfnic it must have been fixed or something then since I had posted about it :sweat_smile: and more probably because @MarkofCain had mentioned it before :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL – yep – pretty transparent. I’m here to help!


Actually @Ulfnic, I just looked at that link again (was getting ready to add it to my podcast script) and it says that the last build date for that feed was July 21st 2021… so, I’m guessing that’s not the one we’re looking for :thinking:

Ah, very good to know thank you.

I’m using this one for all shows, it’s just the RSS from the DLN Youtube channel page. Is there anything missing from that?

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Well, I pasted that link in my podcast player, and it wasn’t able to parse it properly or something…

Then I visited the link and it looks like the feed only starts at new years of this past year.

It’s no problem though I can just use @MarkofCain’s RSS feed, but I just wanted to post about how it’s not working so it could get fixed.

Sound like mark was already ahead of me:

This what i’m seeing in my newsboat for that link:

and I did a quick confirmation that the link I gave you is the one in my newsboat:

cat ~/.config/newsboat/urls | grep ''

I opened it up in browser and scrolled to the bottom and I can see where it’s ending at December but I think the JSON ordering might be semi-arbitrary because i’m able to grep the latest episode:

curl -s '' | grep 'Manjaro Interview'
  <title>Manjaro Interview &amp; Best Communications Platform For Community Building? | Destination Linux 263</title>
   <media:title>Manjaro Interview &amp; Best Communications Platform For Community Building? | Destination Linux 263</media:title>

Does your podcast player work correctly with other YouTube channels?

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Sorry about that, didn’t realize that I had missed this message :disappointed:

Also, ya I guess my podcast player just doesn’t support it properly.
I’ve just been using @MarkofCain’s RSS feed. Thanks for the options and feedback though @Ulfnic :grin:

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