AI in Linux Lite

Was hoping that Linux could dodge this whole AI thing.

Seems like the opposite of KISS. Simple modular design that Linux is known for.

Linux has to keep up or it will be left behind. If it’s installed locally, sandboxed, open-sourced, and isn’t censored then it should be alright. The only problem I see is that Linux Lite’s version is using OpenAI’s (sic) API, which means it isn’t fully local, open-sourced, and it will be censored on some topics.

I watched a YouTube video the other day about Quivr. You can drop documents into it and ask the AI questions about those documents. If the token size is large enough it has a lot of potential for dropping manuals of the OS and all your hardware into its source documents for trouble shooting or fine tuning your PC.


I’m the same as Harold, I think rolling yet-another frontend for someone else’s closed source AI in the cloud is really missing the boat.

Just on docs, adding to Quivr there’s also localGPT (uses GPU) and PrivateGPT (uses CPU). I’d love to see open source getting the spotlight as the default with things like OpenAI as a fallback.