Aerial Photography - Drone thoughts?

I am considering a drone. I wanted know the communities thoughts on the subject.

I would like to take aerial footage/pictures, augment exploration (when restrictions allow), and to possibly conduct visual surveying for the WISP I work for.
Another really cool capability would include the ability for a load. The ability to carry a really bright and light weight LED/Battery during night videos can be really interesting for artistic projects. Also, mounting a radio/antenna to expand on the WISP survey capabilities would be awesome (and could justify financial investment.)
The proprietary monopoly minefield is concerning. I would need unrestricted access to video and photo files. I’ve seen this being a nightmare with some of the cheapo drones on the market.


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You are right to be concerned about restrictions, because depending on the country they change. And in touristic areas, they change in such an unpredictable way it’s funny. Always consult the destination airport’s regulations before traveling with your drone: you will get surprises.

I have taken really cool photos of my friends and places where it was possible sometimes, I have found later, I was only months away of it not being anymore allowed.
Proprietary technology means that for some drones, regulation is almost the same thing as they require a phone and the app will consult whether it’s allowed to fly in certain area. The idea is that the drone will not lift off otherwise.
This is nice for regulators though so I’m not against it. However as user and customer, I am at the point where I paid for the “experience” that I had at the time. And the current “allowed drone experience” is not worth the price for me.

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