Advice on styling KDE Plasma on Fedora to work with GTK themes

I’m really loving Fedora KDE spin except I can’t get the theming right for GTK apps. I’ve tried installing many different GTK3 themes in the Application Style menu but none of them really sync well with any of the plasma themes I’ve tried either.

I’m currently using the Breeze theme as the global theme and would love some tips on what theme I could use as the global theme along with a GTK theme that will make Thunderbird and Firefox look normal. Right now, when I compose a message in Thunderbird the background is black and so is the font.

I prefer dark themes. Thanks

If you haven’t done so already, you can install the breeze-gtk package from the standard Fedora repositories, which will make additional GTK2 and GTK3 themes available, including Breeze-Dark.

sudo dnf install breeze-gtk

I don’t know if it’ll help with Thunderbird, but if you haven’t tried it already, it might be worth a shot. Maybe not. :man_shrugging:


@nekojet That worked!!! I can now choose the Breeze Dark theme for GTK 2 and 3 themes. Thanks so much for pointing that out. All looks great now.

Cool. :+1:

They should install Breeze GTK by default


I’m glad this thread existed because I thought I was missing packages because I elected to use the Everything ISO to install. I agree with @YamiYukiSenpai that breeze-gtk should be an installed dependency in the base KDE install.

I completely agree. If the Breeze theme is going to be available by default, then the GTK version should also be installed.

Hopefully this is one of the styling tweaks @MichaelTunnell will pass on to the Fedora KDE spin team.

The breeze-gtk rpm requires gtk2-engines, which brings along with it a bunch of other dependencies. I’m pretty sure that’s why the Fedora KDE Plasma spin doesn’t come with it pre-installed. I kinda sorta understand this decision, but at the same time it took me a bit of research of other distros and some guessing to figure out that installing breeze-gtk would give me what I was looking for. Anyway, hopefully other people will find this thread when they’re trying to solve this problem. :nerd_face:

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You know, when I was searching around trying to figure out how to get the Breeze-Dark GTK theme in the Fedora KDE Plasma spin, I totally forgot to look in one of the most useful places for information: the Arch Wiki. There’s an article called “Uniform look for Qt and GTK applications” with a section on Breeze:

It says right there to install breeze-gtk. :man_facepalming: The whole article is worth reading, btw. Cheers!

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Do I need to also install gtk2-engines or is that installed along with breeze-gtk?

I had actually read that very ArchWiki article when I was trying to figure this out. The ArchWiki is always difficult to read for me so I usually come away with more questions than answers. It is clearly a great wiki for some people. :wink:

gtk2-engines should have automatically installed as a dependency of breeze-gtk, so you should be good to go. :+1:

Yeah, the ArchWiki is a great source of information, but it’s not a tutorial. A lot of times, I’ll read the ArchWiki first and see that they’ve certainly documented something, but I won’t yet have the proper context to understand it. :thinking:

Then I’ll find a tutorial somewhere else, or do some research and experimenting…and later when I go back to the ArchWiki, I’ll think, “Ohhhhh, that’s what they were talking about!” :man_facepalming:

Fun fun fun. :slightly_smiling_face: