Advice on Computer Build

Greetings all -

So last night, my son texted me (he’s actually my neighbor) - he and his fiance want to build a vr-capable computer, but on a budget (as they are also planning/saving for a wedding)… I’m going to throw some cash in as well as this will be a birthday gift for him…

But I digress…

I wanted to get some advice as to what all I need to get for this build… I’m figuring I’m going Ryzen for the CPU and Radeon for the video card, as those usually provide the most bang for the buck…

I’m trying to stay under $1000 for the build…

So… I figured I’d throw it out to our incredible community and see what advice they give!

What CPU, Motherboard, Video Card, Memory, Case, Power Supply and Hard Drive should I go with???

Is there anything else I’m missing/overlooking (It’s been ages since I built a computer from the ground up).

The critical part is the video card. Make sure it can handle the VR tasks.

I’ve built a lot of computers. But as I’m pretty new to Linux mostly have been with Nvidia rather than AMD. That said, the video card is the biggest deal in these kinds of builds. Skimp a little on cpu, limit it to 16gb of ram at most and go for an SSD of the largest size the budget allows. But do make sure your PSU can handle it. But seriously make the video card your key piece and other things built around it.

If you’d like I could do some more research and see where I’d toss 1000 tomorrow sometime.

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Thanks for the offer - but after discussing some things with them - they are going to hold off for now. I think his fiance is making him feel guilty for spending such a large amount of money while they are trying to save for a wedding (and rightly so - he’s always been a more impulsive spender).

Well good for him! or her? lol. I’m actually more excited they are deciding to be smart and save. :smiley: