Advice on a Possible Nextcloud Alternative (or not?)

Hey everyone!

I have been planning on self-hosting nextcloud for file syncing/sharing for me and my gf (and possibly my family if they’re interested). After lurking around on r/selfhosted on reddit, most of the feedback I’ve seen was how much of a horror it would be to host nextcloud. I know of alternatives like seafile and plain old syncthing but they don’t seem to fit my needs.

I don’t need large storage. All I need to sync, at least for now, are small files like signal chat backups, some important documents and maybe some photos between me and my gf (and maybe my family). Now the other reason I’m looking at nextcloud specifically is the trello-like board. I find it useful for planning things and being able to share those plans. So I basically need fiile sharing/syncing + kanban board + the ability to sync across multiple devices (pc and phone).

Is there any way to do this with a nextcloud alternative that I’m not aware of, should I just go ahead with nextcloud, or is some other way to tackle this entirely? This’ll be my first self hosted project and I’m excited.

Any advice for a self hosting newbie like me?

edit: Initial research led me to etesync. It seems to kind of address my needs. I’ll have to investigate further.

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I run a nextcloud instance on my home server (an old Dell R710) that runs OpenMediaVault 5.x and Docker. Nextcloud runs as a container. The only issue is Nextcloud’s decision to upgrade containers the same way as non-containers: PHP scripts. If it were up to me, I would update the container image and port that so that upgrading becomes trivial. But I don’t have all of the details as to why they think this is a bad idea.

That’s weird.

I agree, it’s usually simpler to just update the container.

I guess I’ll just go ahead and try and setup nextcloud. I’ll see if managing it won’t be too much of a pain for me as my research brought me nowhere.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.