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Is anyone else getting errors in Firefox on You-tube with ad blockers actually freezing the browser?
They were working fine for a long time now they don’t any solution ?

Thank You In advance for any help.


Nope. I use AdBlockPlus. Of course, I pay for a Google-something, so I get ad-free YouTube anyway… So maybe that’s why I haven’t had problems…

Maybe Google is being more stupid than usual and changed something on YT.

I’m using ublock origin and haven’t had any issues with YT on FF.


uBlock Origin user here without problems.

Maybe have a look into your filters and update them too just in case.

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Same here, uBlock Origin on FF and everything is fine (I also use Enhancer for Youtube)

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OK Thank You everyone for replying.

Good afternoon Wrangler, I use uBlock Origin as well but have added a Pi Hole to the home network. I think @dasgeek has a tutorial on setting one up. It’s pretty simple TBH. It would have to be for me to do it.

If you change ad blockers and the problem persists, try disabling all extensions and confirm there’s no issues, then enable just the ad blocker to see if there’s issues.

It might be caused by something else or a bad interaction between extensions.

OK Thank You Haroldcrews.

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OK Thank You.