About HP Pavillion Laptops


I am considering buying a HP laptop, usually, I do not care for the speakers, because they are crappy most of the time, but, Pavillions have speakers from B&O, that’s Bang & Olufsen, from Denmark, and the way they are installed, on top of the keyboard instead on the bottom, that seems like they should put out a nice quality.

However, I still want to ask to anyone here who happens to own one on these Pavillions, how is the sound quality on these machines? is it worth the price, or is it just average sound anyway?

Thank you in advance.

The Bang & Olufsen speakers are definitely higher quality than most PC’s where they usually skimp on the speakers as most non-technical users don’t look for speaker quality when buying a laptop. I would say they’re on par with Macbook speakers which are also very good. The issue is that B&O speakers don’t make a driver for Linux so if the Pavilion is one that has (what they call a sub) it doesn’t get powered. So you get just standard laptop sound instead of really high quality sound. I have HP OMEN and DragonFly Elite as well as x360 Spectre.

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Part of the reason why my HP omen has stayed on windows is the lack of that sub driver. It definitely sucks cause other than that they are nice Linux machines.

I’ve not really researched it in-depth. The sound is still good just not as good as it could be. I’m hopeful someone will write a driver for it.