A social network with your privacy in mind?

I know, seems somewhat contradictory, right?
But, after listening to an episode of Firewalls don’t stop dragons, where Phil Zimmerman is interviewed, and he (Zimmerman) talks about Okuna, and how it will differ from other social networks that are around now, it began thinking that they might be on to something. We’ll see.
Right now, it’s in alpha stage, but you can sign up for beta testing. (i signed up, purely out of curiosity).
Here’s the episode with the interview: Social Media is Ruining Society - Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons Podcast
And here’s Okuna: https://about.okuna.io/nl/home

Your thoughts?

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Eh, I use mastodon to see what the few people I follow talk about and it’s fine for me. Also RSS is nice. I don’t really feel the need of a full fledged social network. The internet has become too weird and complicated. I’m 24 and I don’t have instagram, facebook or tiktok, and frankly I can’t grasp why so many people are so allured by them. The only things I can see are privacy nightmares everywhere and with no gain that I can perceive. I liked it better when we used to just have wacky blogs and sparse forums like this one.


I won’t try it. I already have Mastodon just for fun and do not use any social networks apart from old school forums and this one here.

I thought back in the time everybody would switch to Diaspora.

Shamefully, I am on far too many social networks. I don’t check them all the time and mostly gravitate toward the things that interest me, generally tech related. I like to follow projects that make my life a bit better so I don’t see the cruft that is seen on these networks. I want to make my tech life a happiness tech bubble.

That said, I am on Mastodon and I kind of like it.

In a previous life i had a myriad of accounts on social platforms. That didn’t work too well. Especially when you start reading about how they work.
I remember the days when i used to contact support at fb, asking why i couldn’t change my privacy settings.
The lack of replies set things in motion.
These days, i’m only on mastodon, and i don’t even check that regularly.
When i heard about Okuna, i thougt, “Oh? Let’s see where they’ll end up.”