A Guide Through The History of Unix & Linux: Everything You Need To Know


By Eric Londo


So where do I buy the hardback?

I haven’t had time to read everything yet, but I have vacation coming up, so there is hope :smiley:

Amazing work!


:smile: Maybe one day!

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For anyone interested in some of the more unique highlights of Unix/Linux history, check out this awesome video from @MichaelTunnell describing 6 of his favorite tidbits in the article!


Great article…brings it all together and love seeing where the bits I remember fit in. I guess so much happened that it would be impossible to fit it all in, but two things that I maybe expected to see were more on gentoo (didn’t realise Chrome utilised it, but do remember it seeming quite sigificant as deliberately trying to teach linux and being targeted and lean through compilation and maintaing significant documentation) and the black cloud of SCO litigation which I think lead to a lot of FUD around Linux and Novell signing a patent deal with MS (which lead to me ditching Suse though recently returned to Opensuse, though wasn’t expecting to see that in your piece). Thank you for this.

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Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, like you mentioned, there was just too much to try to cram in and though Gentoo was in the original draft, I had to make certain cuts and that was one of them. Maybe, I’ll do a smaller piece looking at the history of Gentoo and its influence on Linux at some point to make up for it.

I appreciate the feedback!

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Stunning @londoed, this one’s going to echo for a long time.


Thanks @Ulfnic, I really appreciate that!

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Thanks for a great read @londoed. I was aware of bits and pieces of this, but you drew it all together nicely. Excellent!


Congratulations! This was an amazing share of Linux history knowledge. Thanks for that.

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Nice! However: the home city of Linus Torvalds, the capital of Finland, Helsinki is typoed at least 2 times in the article. Linus moved to US in 1998.

“at Helinski University of Technology, was asked to host Linus’ project on their FTP server, [FUNET]”

“a young computer science graduate student from the University of Helinski would forever alter the course of history”.

HELSINKI. :pray:

I mean like, this should be fixed in the article :thinking: