A goodbye of sorts and a thank you

I’m leaving TuxDigital as a volunteer.

TuxDigital was my first real intro into the Linux community and with the type of people the network attracts that’s made it a highly positive experience. I’ve had a lot of opportunity to learn and experiment in ways I otherwise couldn’t have and it’s because of the trust the leadership places in everyone.

It’s been 4 years though steadily i’ve diverted more and more time toward the places in FOSS i’d like to go thanks largely to the discovery TuxDigital’s enabled me to do. With my time close to near-zero I think it’s important that i’m not occupying spaces that belong to anyone excited to learn and help out as i’ve been given to opportunity to do.

Micheal, Ryan, Jill, Matt, Wendy and Nate, all of the TuxDigital creators past and present and supporting crew I hold in the highest possible regard and any time donated to them is time well spent. If you’re interested in Linux, Linux media, community building or just anything that helps FOSS i’d recommend reaching out and seeing where you can help as/when opportunities present themselves that you might be a good fit for.

I’ll still be around and as time frees up contribute as a community member. All the best to everyone and a big thank you.


Thanks to you ! It’s always been a pleasure to read your interventions. In all those years on different forums I rarely saw a well balanced modo like you.
I perfectly understand the out of time aspect and I’m glad you’ll stick around :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cheers to you !

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Thank you so much! See you around.

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Hate to see go, but happy to see you grow !!!