A Deep Dive Into The Wayland Protocol For Linux


By Eric Londo

Wayland History
The Wayland Architecture
The Way Forward with Wayland


I know this article is a while ago, but here is a minor correction nonetheless.

The statement:
“Instead, the code was open-sourced and the Mir developers chose to pivot the project into a Wayland compositor.”
can seem to imply that Mir was not Open Source until its pivot.

This is simply false, as it was GPL from the much earlier beginning. This is quite apparent from a read of the Wikipedia page about Mir and its references, such as this one:

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Oh yes, if Ubuntu had beaten Pine phone and produced the first Linux phone how different the Linux market could look now.

The phone could have been a great success, Mir for the desktop would still be under active development. Wayland and Mir would have been actively competing against each other on the desktop. And Ubuntu would still be active in pushing their Distro of choice to be cutting-edge.

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I was almost half serious…

But you have shattered the moment now.

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