7 Years of My YouTube Channel

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give a quick thank you to all of you who are members of this community because it wouldnt be anything without y’all. Today is the 7th year anniversary for when I first started my youtube channel and this venture later became what it is today with the TuxDigital Network. I am so grateful to everyone who has been part of the journey over the years and I look forward to many more years making content and promoting this wonderful community! :partying_face::tada::cupcake:

PS. yes that is a cupcake Ryan because it is appropriate here lol


Congratulations Michael! Woohoo!


Congrats! You have been making fantastic content that I truly appreciate!


Appreciate y’all hangin’ in there!

Congrats! :sunny:


Congratulations! :champagne:

I truly believe in the Network! It’s because of you guys, that I stuck around with Linux. But in stead of quitting, I decided to hop to Fedora.

Because of the work you are doing, it gives me more insight into the complex political and corporate battles that are being fought on levels regular users never get to see. Which results in a lot of beautiful FOSS projects but also why they have to make certain quirky decisions.

I truly value your work and admire the thoroughness and effort you put into the research.

Stay awesome & thank you!

Here’s a muffin