59: Cyberpunk Yourself With Implantable Tech?

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I think implantable tech for the purpose of convenience is silly. I do not want a GPS or some other proprietary bit of tech in me. I don’t carry my phone with me everywhere and there is a reason why I do as much as possible with my PinePhone. I pay with cash as much as possible and I avoid the convenience of tech I cannot control. The fact that these chips have an Android and iOS apps made but did not have an open source Linux app available is a GIANT red flag.

Here is a thought, why not put the chip inside something like a silicon ring, like a wedding band. This would allow you to wear it and an upgrade is much less intrusive. Problem solved! I can take it off whenever I want and there is no body modification conducted.

Personally, I am not in favor, in general, of body modification. I would make exceptions for things like hearing, diabetes or other medical conditions should be investigated, as I think restoring damage done by accidents or defect is a wonderful thing but convenience so you can get a cheeseburger easier… I just can’t get behind that. Specific appliance based implementations for restoration is fine. I think, for the MOST part, the bio-electrical machine for which was created that soul resides is nearly perfect. I like the way God created me, just as I am.