5 Privacy Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger


The hyperlink to Signal gives me a err 404

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It is rather important to note that the new privacy policy will not be implemented in the EU.

Other than that the problem for me is more with the people I communicated with on whatsapp.
They are not likely to move to different services so I’ll probably continue using it for them.

Helps I live in the EU so this change is going to pass me by.

Thank you for mentioning, I applied the fix.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear you like Signal. Me too!

I noticed in the Google Play Store, Signal finally surpassed 50M downloads. :clap: I feel that a popularity level of about that much is pretty much the bare minimum whereby a dotted line is crossed, where the app is actually quite mature, and has “hit its stride”, as it were. I feel there’s pretty much no hope of ever convincing my non-geek friends and family to regularly use any Messaging App, having any less popularity as this.

I know exactly what you mean!
It’s either the popular ones or i get that funny look thrown at me. (again).
I see that the openstore has a beta for Signal. Going to have a look at that this weekend.

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True but we will see how long. I would not trust to get away with it.

Same here, it’s such the shame. It’s the network effect at play. I notice it particularly with non-technical family members and friends of the ‘but I have nothing to hide’ type.

They want to stick with WhatsApp and don’t want to use another app as they’re happy with it, all their friends are using it, and using more than one messaging app is a hassle to them.

I’m not sure about how to change that, especially with the more stubborn, narrow-minded minded individuals. Maybe they’ll come around.

EDIT: Probably helps to get the more open minded people to switch over to more private alternatives. Gives the more reluctant people an incentive to make the switch as well. Or at least install a more private messenger alongside WhatsApp.