4 Monitor Display Graphics Card Options

Looking at using 4 monitors and as am slowly moving over to Linux ( on my laptops but not my main pc).

I am going to build myself a new computer (been meaning to for the last 4 years) but finally got time to do it. What are the best graphics cards to go for that support 4 monitors? I don’t do much gaming ( used to but hardly now ) mainly use my pc for work (IT support Tech on windows and mac).

Anyone got any help on what graphics cards to look for? i just dont want to make the mistake of buying one and linux wont support it. I am going to be using Ubuntu or mint on the new build.

Thanks in advance.

This is just a suggestion - do with it as you please…

I went from 2 monitors, to 1 43" 4K TV.

First, depending on where you live, you can usually get them for around $250 US.
Second, I make frequent use of ‘quadrant’ pining, so my I have windows in the four corner quadrants (and most DE’s make this fairly easy to do)…

For me it’s the same as having 4 monitors, but much easier to move, set up, and game on (when I actually game, because I’m still on one screen).

I use a pair of Radeon RX560s. Each has 3 outputs: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI. All three can be active at once, so I could put up to 6 monitors over both cards.

For monitors on my second card, certain video modes and playing some video in a windowed mode is slow and choppy, but when i drag the window to a monitor on my first card, it works just fine. I suspect it has something to do with the speed of the PCI slots they are plugged in to.

I suspect that there are some other cards with multiple outputs that would allow you to use them all at the same time.

The take-away: You could probably choose whatever cards you want.

thanks for the idea’s i really want the 4 monitor option but i understand what you mean Chris with 1 big display.

i will look in to the radeon Rx560’s too thanks leoman.

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You are welcome. I was more looking along the lines of what do I want 4 monitors for, and realized that if I could quad spread a 4K large monitor, I was getting the same effect as have 4 21 inch monitors stacked 2x2.

Of course, it’s just a suggestion… If you were really looking for 4 monitors, then by all means, do that!

This won’t really be helpful as my machine is super old (6 years. What is that in computer years, 100?)
However, I’m running a Radeon HD 7850 with 4 monitors and has worked great for me. (Some of the monitors are even older, and 2 of them are still 4:3. But hey, at least none are CRT.)

One possibly useful side-note, is that choice of DE matters, at least if you like separate wallpapers on each monitor. When I started in Linux, I was using Gnome (3.28 I believe) which had no proper way to do separate wallpapers for each monitor. I then switched to KDE which can do that, and it works great. Perhaps something you already knew about. Not sure on other DEs if they can do this or not.