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FWIW, it was not Nextcloud fault that failed, it was your VPS provider who was probabaly spinning it up on Ubuntu server 20.04 stack or earlier. This is one of the biggest issues with ‘one click’ installs, in so much as unless you know how the stack is put together you won’t know what parts needed updating or not.

Honestly, even if you are a novice at container management you could have taken a bare installed of Debian, installed docker, installed portainer and then pasted your docker-compose config into that, which would not only check it for error but give you a way to upgrade containers on an as need basis.

As to the filesharing. Share a link, is just that. Sharing a LINK to a file, not sharing the file itelf.

To share the file, you only have to open the same sharing menu where you found share link, and in the text box at the top where it says "Search for Share receipients… Name, Email, or Federated Cloud ID, start typing who you want to share it to, which can be a local user, a local group or a federated user or group.


So if there was any UI issue it is firmly a PEBCAK one.

For office glitches, that sort of syncing is probably to do with if the onlyoffice server was a local container rather than then recommened external server with the minum specs. For the record I have edited a 30 page document with 6 other people who were adding images and writing text while I was collating notes and adding the index. It works well. And it much less annoying than Google docs or Office 365 experiences.

You know, the choices are pretty simple. Either learn to install and adminster a Nextcloud instance (there are guides aplenty for that) or you go to a Nextcloud hosting company and let them take care of it.



There is a Hedgedoc app, for the fork of Hedgedoc called Hedgenext

Appreciate your thoughts here. Couple clarifications the cloud provider Linode uses Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. We have dozens of servers running everything from these forums to video conferencing software that have been in operation for years. Do a simple search for ‘nextcloud aio upgrade broke’ clearly from those results not a ‘us’ problem. They need to improve their system to include roll back and provide better error messages and solutions in the logs. The HedgeDoc app you mentioned we tried it was unfortunately buggy at the time but hope it becomes popular.

Hey @veritanuda been a while since we talked, hope you been well and thanks for offering your feedback. Ryan already addressed some stuff so I wont address those. Your comment about the “share link” is a bit confusing. We weren’t trying to share a file directly but rather access to edit the file like you can with any collaborative editing tool. We already did the search for users to add and we said that we did this in the episode. We discuss each show in Discord so we share links there to keep things organized so the links are needed. The UI in your screenshot clearly shows that the “Share link” option is the main call to action with the blue highlight. My opinion that I expressed on the show was that this link should be internal as it is much more likely to share links with people in an organization than outside of it. I think that link should be internal and then a separate external link. Or the share link should be a single button that pops up both options. PEBCAK suggests we didnt understand, we did, but it is my opinion that the current approach is subpar. As a UX designer myself, I consider this approach as subpar because the purpose of the links should be swapped and in fact, the requirement of having to open a sidebar to get to these links is subpar. There should be a link icon button in the top right empty space of the headerbar and when clicked it should offer both internal (primarily) and external as options.