369: Fedora 40 vs Ubuntu 24.04 in the Distro BattleDome

The KDE fanboyism is long past the “being funny” time to me, so I opted out after 2 minutes as I did with TWIL. BTW I think your overselling KDE has the risk of creating wrong expectations for potential new users as KDE honestly was far from perfection for the many times I have tried it, which could potentially backfire.

Just informational, nothing more to add and no hard feelings at all. Your show, your decision. Take care!

If you listened to what I said, I never called it perfect and I also said it was best for me.

no hard feelings, have a nice day

Neither did I claim you said this. No need to go there.


this is in response to your comment about “far from perfection”. Anyway, thanks for being part of the community for as long as you have