363: PipeWire Interview with Wim Taymans, Revolutionizing Audio & Video on Linux

Originally published at: https://tuxdigital.com/podcasts/destination-linux/dl-363/

https://youtu.be/_buKw1la_tg Download as MP3 On this week’s episode, we have a special guest joining us to discuss his work with making our lives better in Linux audio. Of course, this work has helped everyone at this point, but ever since it was first usable in Fedora we’ve been singing the praises of PipeWire, and Wim…


Loved the show about Pipwire.

The one question I did not hear was donut or muffin? Now I will never know if Wim Taymans likes donuts or muffins.



This is a very fair question as to why we didnt ask. Ryan is at fault here because he didnt include it in the lightning round and thus we will never truly know. Perhaps, we can have Wim back on at some point and correct this important subject then. :smiley: