361: KDE Plasma 6 is Here and Michael cant stop talking about it

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KDE Neon borked on its grand opening day with Plasma 6 - unable to shutdown, put into sleep mode etc., and among other things, quirks with loading new global themes, etc.

Any word on how openSuse is faring on Plasma 6 ?

Update: March 4th .iso update fixed these issues.

So how do I install the Plasma 6 update in Kubuntu 23.10? There’s bound to be a ppa from which to update Plasma.

Haven’t updated it yet, but here is a guide.

So if your running on Arch then installing Plasma 6 should not be a problem.

Neon had a buggy launch day for sure. That is a shame. On the bright side, KDE has now made changes to the KDE Neon website because of this so it no longer promotes Neon as for “everyday users” since that is clearly not the case. They also removed the FAQ about whether or not it is a distro. They are embracing what always seemed to be what it is designed for which is Testing and for people who are enthusiasts that welcome testing stuff regardless of buggy-ness.

Still in testing, will probably stay there for about a week or so I think.

This is not possible. You can not update Kubuntu to Plasma 6 just yet. They are playing it safe because Kubuntu next release is an LTS release and switching to Plasma 6 right before an LTS can be pretty sketchy for them. I agree with this decision.

The guide you shared is only for Neon and honestly, updating Neon like that is bound to be a problem. Neon has never been a great example of good upgrade process.

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Best quote from Mike, about the cube effect…

“isn’t this useless?”

“Yes, you’re right…but also, stop talking.”

Gonna try that line on my wife…If I survive, I will let you know.

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Man that plasma overview is looking pretty gnomey…

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You are right about KDE Neon at always been a kind of testing ground, never intended as stable. What other non-buntu Debian based distro can fit the bill for a stable Plasma 6? SpiralLinux could probably do it if dev had some help maybe?

Seems like openSuse Leap 15.6b has come out but not with Plasma 6 yet.

Just finished the ep. another good one as always :slight_smile:
question for @MichaelTunnell :
With the new Plasma 6 out, does that mean we’ll maybe get a new video that’s an update from this one? :pray:https://youtu.be/zhPIwFC4qFs?si=OeNumrsY61DR-hsb

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KDE Neon has changed their messaging on their website to not be as confusing anymore which is great.

As for KDE Plasma 6 in a Debian based, I doubt that is going to happen any time soon. If it is based directly on Debian it is rare for a distro to update Plasma beyond the speed of Debian and that is going to be a while from now.

Kubuntu will have Plasma 6 in October of this year with 24.10 and I suspect that will be the fastest distro that is Debian based to release with Plasma 6.

Fedora, openSUSE, Arch, others will all likely beat Debian base to Plasma 6.

openSUSE Leap is an LTS style distro so I would bet they wont get that big of an update until Leap 16. I suspect Tumbleweed will get Plasma 6 very soon but that or maybe Slowroll will be the only options for those wanting Plasma 6 in openSUSE for a while.

This is a great question and while I had not considered that before this question . . . now the answer is absolutely! Thank you for the suggestion. :smiley:

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So, as others have commented KDE Neon is more of a testing environment than a fully fledged Distro.

The DistroWatch review comments notes that it now declares itself as,

“… Ideal for adventurous KDE enthusiasts." I should note that the “adventurous” part is an extremely recent revision for reasons that will become clear shortly. It used to say “Ideal for everyday users.” The other editions are aimed more at testers and developers.”

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Yes, it is very good news that KDE has updated the Neon page to make it clear it is not for everyday users. This was always a problem for me and I am very happy to see this clarified because it will make it easier for people to decide whether or not to use it in a more informed way.