354: Interview with Frank Karlitschek of Nextcloud


This was a great interview! Not only do i love NextCloud - both its technology offering but also the spirit and intent of the overall project - but is it me or does everyone often feel better even after only hearing Frank speak about nextcloud!?! I know that i always feel better about using nextcloud after hearing Frank speak/present. I actually trust that he - and the rest of the nextcloud org. - has/have the best intentions for the project, and that my best interests as a user are supported. I really hope that they stay on this positive trajectory, and that their suite of tools and platform keeps improving!!!

Also, as always, great job Team Destination Linux for running such a nice interview!

cough cough Go muffins! cough cough :wink:

  • Mars

Confused about the apropos parameters. The one’s given in the program notes don’t work. But this seems to: apropos -s 1 ‘’ | shuf -n 1

OK, so you need the double quotes when adding the command to your .bashrc. But as a command line alone, you have to use single quotes.