346: Steam Deck OLED & In-Depth Look at Ubuntu Summit 2023

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Loved this episode. Meeting Michael face to face was MY highlight of the summit… well… one of MANY highlights. I think I had information overload but it was the best kind of overload a geek could have!

Now, on the new Steam Deck, that is immediately a no-go for me. I like all the specs but I think OLED is a major step backward. You may as well strap an old CRT in there and welcome the burn-in, especially after playing a game that has a some sort of boarder or score board thing that is a constant. I avoid phones now with OLED because they tend to get that awful burn in. Sure, the first few years, no problem, after that, you are going to have dim or weirdness all around the screen. LCD with LED backlit will last you a lot longer.

What I am hoping is that the battery can be upgraded in the current Steam Deck with the new one. I couldn’t find anything on that in a cursory search but it sure would be cool.

Great show as always!